Our strategy


Since its creation in 2013, MK Energies implements a model which favorise growth, both organically and externally, as well as competitiveness. MK Energies relies for that on points of strength, enabling to progressively build its field of activities and transform « visionary » approach of his craft into practical innovative achievements, conveying progress for its customers and so permitting satisfaction for its teams.

To do this, MK Energies has four major advantages:

  • An organization that enriches companies with strong brands, recognized by their differentiated and complementary expertises enabling MK Energies to develop and cover all market segments, with an offer both local and overall. Today MK Energies includes in its scope MK Peixoto established on Origny-Sainte-Benoite, MK Power and MK Networks based on Reims, BASIS ep founded in Saint-Quentin and MK Energia do Brasil Salto located in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.
  • A culture of innovation, maintained and renewed constantly, causing an offensive commercial policy with differentiated brands. By this strategy with specific products and services, MK Energies has managed over the years build and assert its leadership as a key integrator both with its customers and partners.
  • Sustained development, translates today with a presence in both mature countries worldwide and in emerging markets in Europe.
  • A diversified business approach, combining all the expertise and business in each industry, to ensure the most comprehensive coverage possible to the markets.


Steering committee

Johan Manka

General Manager

Nicolas Bourgoin

Major Projects & Group Synergies
MK Energies

Angel Collado

Greater East Region
MK Energies

Jean-Pierre Graillot

General Manager
MK Power

Pascal Hanchin

Hauts de France Region
MK Energies

Jérôme Morisson

International Development
MK Energies

Patrice Pieranti

Basis ep

Our policy "SSE"

Safety, Health and Environment for employees but also extra staff and subcontractors, are fundamental values for MK Energies.

That’s why MK Energies focuses its Health Policy, Safety and Environment on 5 axes:

  • First controlling at any time : zero risk, zero exposure and zero pollution.
  • Integrating prevention into all actions and reflections, including through talks and audits, via a continuous dialogue and the interest in the experience feedback (recovered almost accidents, dangerous situations, pollution, etc … )
  • By guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers through trained and qualified staff, the use of tools compliant and checked daily, having finally listening carefully to customers.
  • Preserving primarily Health and the Environment; with a fight against various addictions, according to the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and waste sorting.
  • Finally, with a constant desire to improve constantly, thanks to the MASE certification obtained for 3 years and the first time.