MKE Sugar & Alcohol

With a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes, MK Energies consolidates its activity in sugar and distillery by active sales approach with innovative and comprehensive offerings such as aspects of energy efficiency and aspects of maintenance.

Activity is balanced on the 2 sugar crops: beet and cane. MK Energies is thus able to seize opportunities in Brazil, Africa and other sugars from grain.

MKE Major Projects & Group Synergies

This is a specific activity in the energy business line, dedicated to the management of major projects obtained from our customers, or in synergy with other divisions belonged to the group.

Major Projects & SG

MKE Great Eastern & Hauts de France Region

Becoming a key actor on Great Eastern region and Hauts de France region by pursuing our strategy of « local » with some implantations, the creation of agencies and / or the acquisition of small companies with strong local reputation. Today, it is about 7 locations, with Arras, Montargis, Origny-Sainte-Benoite, Reims, Saint-Dizier, Saint-Quentin, Vitry-le-Francois.

MK Power

MK Power’s business complements the expertise of energy business in the fields of electrical power production and especially on power plants self-producing industries, such as, refineries, stationeries, cogenerations integrating all business (electrical, thermal and mechanical).

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basis ep

Enable business synergies within the energy business, to seize opportunities in industries where the power electronics is increasingly expected, like the extraction of plant materials by pulsed electric fields, or in the sludge electrofiltration.

MK Networks VJM

Following an internal know-how existing, MK Networks has structured offers for energy business, with specific expertise devoted to industrial business computer networks and their communication systems, with more visibility and legitimacy.


MKE Academy


The MK Energies academy, through the MK Power expertise, will soon be able to offer training for the entire chain of exploitation and maintenance of a power plant as well as for distribution network and transformation Hight Voltage / Low Voltage.